Matilda Mix Metal Dangle Earring
Matilda Mix Metal Dangle Earring
Matilda Mix Metal Dangle Earring
Matilda Mix Metal Dangle Earring

Matilda Mix Metal Dangle Earring

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The mixed metal dangle earring is a stunning piece of jewelry that will catch the eye. It is carefully crafted with intricate details, combining the elegance of gold with the coolness of silver. The earring features a gold paperclip design, which adds a touch of uniqueness and contemporary flair to the overall design. The gold paperclip is interwoven with a sterling silver chain that hangs gracefully from the earlobe.

At the end of the silver chain, there is a breathtaking freshwater pearl. The pearl is a beautiful white color, with a lustrous sheen that reflects light beautifully. Its round shape and smooth surface make it the perfect complement to the mixed metal design of the earring.

This earring is made with high-quality materials, as it is gold-filled and sterling silver. The gold-filled components are durable and long-lasting, ensuring the earring retains its luster and beauty over time. The sterling silver chain is also of exceptional quality, adding to the overall elegance of the piece.

Overall, the mixed metal dangle earring with its gold paperclip details, interwoven silver chain, and freshwater pearl is a stunning work of art. It is the perfect accessory to complete any outfit, whether dressed up or down and is sure to become a treasured part of any jewelry collection.

So how do I take care of and get the most out of my jewelry?
Gold Plated: Take it off to shower, don’t wear it swimming, and avoid coming into contact with lotions and creams.  Keep it dry and clean with a soft cloth. 

Gold Filled: You are fine to shower in gold-filled jewelry.  We do recommend you remove it in saltwater or chlorine. 

Storage Tip: Keep it in where it won't rub against other jewelry or hard substances (a soft bag or jewelry box)

Cleaning Tip: Wipe each piece with a jewelry cloth after using it. It will keep it fresh and clean for the next wear.

Now keep on shining...because no matter what you're wearing, you are Fabulous!

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